President, Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs.

Joyce has been privileged to work full time in animal welfare full time since 1995, much of that focused on how to better manage and innovate in population control in dogs and in cats. Her passion for this area started in the early 1990’s with volunteer work with the Pennsylvania based The Spayed Club, inspired by founder Gail Parmer. Esther Mechler, founder of SPAY USA was an early inspiration and mentor, and helped Joyce transition to full time work in this area.

As director of marketing and PR for the American Humane Association (1995-1999) Joyce created, wrote and produced the first marketing video and workbook to promote pediatric neutering in 1995.   The Case for Early Neutering video/publication which was distributed at no charge to 1200 animal welfare agencies and all veterinary schools.

As Exec. Director of PetSmart Charities (1999-2005), she developed and oversaw the grants program, which raised and distributed $23 million to the animal welfare cause, about half of which supported spay/neuter programs with early grants to Humane Alliance and other industry innovators.

As President of ACC&D since 2006 Joyce has helped advance interest in, work toward, and support for creating non-surgical sterilants for progressive population control of cats and dogs.

She plays a key cultivation role in developing strategic partnerships advancing this field, including being the impetus for the $75 million Michelson Prize & Grants program. ACC&D is currently sponsoring an ongoing study of a contraceptive vaccine for female cats, developing a 21st century ear tag to better identify free roaming cats and dogs, and has a team doing computer simulation modeling to help TNR programs be more strategic in setting goals and measuring results.

Joyce is a co-founder of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland, OR (ASAP) and has volunteered with their leadership team for over ten years. During this time the live release rate in the greater Portland metro area has risen from 61.5% to 94% in part due to over 60K targeted cat sterilization surgeries completed since 2010.

Joyce is married with a 10th grade daughter, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 goats & 4 chickens and a frog.

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